ZipPocket1Do you like to carry your pens and pencils with your sketchbook?  Would you like to add a zip pocket to your sketchbook cover?

I have developed this mod to the pattern in the new issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting so you can carry your pens and pencils with your sketchbook.  Issue 35 is available now on newsstands in the UK, and for digital download.   US newsstands will have the issue available soon.




You will need:

Issue 35 of Love Patchwork & Quilting (supplies and instructions for custom sketchbook cover)

1 all-purpose zipper (2 in shorter than sketchbook H)

1 piece of fusible woven interfacing = 4 in wide by H + 1 ¾ in

2 pieces of cotton pocket lining = 8 in wide by H + 1 ¾ in


Follow the measuring instructions shown in the magazine to find the H of your sketchbook.

After step 8 in the instructions…


Mark center on fusible interfacing by folding half width wise and finger press

On fusible side of interfacing, draw a line 1 ½ in from long edge the length of zipper teeth.  (Center the line over fold)


Draw a rectangle around the center line ¼ in larger on all sides.

Draw a line from each corner to the end of center line.

Align fusible interfacing (fusible side up) to the RS raw edge of back lining.  Pin in place.


Stitch along the outside rectangle line, using needle down to pivot at the corners.

Cut along center line and from the center line out to the corners making sure NOT to clip the stitches.


Turn the fusible interfacing to the WS of the lining through hole.

Press so the interfacing is no visible on the RS of the lining.

Center the zipper under the opening and pin in place. (Scotch tape works great in place of pins)


Topstitch zipper in place.

Pin 1 pocket lining RS facing zipper back matching raw edge to edge of bottom zipper tape.  Pin in front.

Stitch along the bottom zipper topstitching from point to point.


Fold over at seam and press so WS it facing WS of back lining.

Match raw edge of 2nd pocket lining RS to edge of top zipper tape.  Pin in front.


Stitch along the top zipper topstitching from point to point.

Baste pocket lining to back lining at the top and bottom using ¼ in seam.

Now you can continue with step 11 in the instructions…







2 thoughts on “Zip pocket mod to sketchbook cover”

  1. This is such a clever modification to the sketchbook cover. Of course you need to have some pens handy! I have never done a zipper this way. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial! After seeing all your scrumptious raspberry lemonade blocks (Looking forward to seeing them all together!) on Instagram, I decided to come and see what you were up to on your blog. And I’d like to invite you to join us at the Let’s Bee Social – a weekly Wednesday linky party over at my place.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lorna! I am having fun with the #100days100blocks challenge. The #raspberrylemonadequilt was a true challenge for me as I have not sewn with pink fabric (for myself) in over 30 years!! I appreciate your feedback and always welcome visitor comments! I will definitely check out the Let’s Bee Social Wednesday…thank you for the invite!!

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