HEY!  I am Trinia, the creative-sewist-maker behind Penguin Feats!  Yellow is my favorite color but I love to use all the color and value in my sewing projects.  Cooking & baking is another passion for me.  Nothing can beat the smell of fresh baked bread!  The flavors of fresh made pasta in a home made sauce really bring back memories of Italy.  

I have lived in a lot of places.  The Willamette Valley of Oregon is home.  I am a Duck and I love all things Oregon….really.  At twenty three I followed my husband cross country as he joined the US Army and I became an Army Wife.  The adventures his career took us on have been amazing. So many places, so many people, and so many memories!

We recently added two pups to our family….Flurry & Jacopo. Sometimes I wonder where my brain was when we decided to get two puppies, but they really have added so much laughter to our days, I mostly forget how crazy I was.  And as they get older they do get more manageable and trainable.  So when I am not designing or sewing I am with these two…enjoying every minute!

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