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Welcome to “my makin’ space”

A new year is here and that means time for clean up and organization of the studio.  Every January I try to use the turn of the calendar year as a way to take a fresh look at my space and how I use it.  This helps me figure out what I want to focus on and how I want to use my space to reach my goals.  I want to share with you the space I use to make all the things.

A new table was added to my space last year and I needed to make more room for getting around in the studio.  I moved one of my IKEA Ingo table into my fabric room [yes, I have a room for fabric….but there is a bed in there too…sorta]  and slid these two under the window.  The Ingo table on the right has a cutout for my machines to sit in and allow more flat sewing space.  The other Ingo table I moved has not been altered so it is used for all the other messy making and fabric cutting.  I use the trestle desk for machine embroidery and photo staging.

This is the new table added to my space.  Yes, it is tall!  It is tall because I now stand and sew.  Oh it is so much better for me than I ever imagined.  This table was a find at Costco – and on sale!   The pressing station to the right is a new addition to my makin’ space too.  I purchased a sheet of 3/4 ” plywood at Lowes and asked them to cut it to size.  After covering the board I screwed it to my extra wide ironing board and….voila….a full FQ fits for one pressing!!

The quilt frame is still in the same place because there isn’t another space big enough for it.   This works because it gives me space in the center of the studio to move around in.

This little cozy for my Bernina 635LE was a must make and my first make of 2020.  I did a little quilt as you go and some applique embroidery and a lot of strip piecing.  I have two more machine covers to make.

I feel like I have been hibernating the past few months.  In a sense I have because I have been dealing with a lot of stress and haven’t been able to focus on this side of my life.  Getting my makin’ space set up and refreshed is a good way to gain perspective and focus.  I hope sharing my space with you will inspired you in some way.  And I look forward to sharing more of my makin’ space with you soon.

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