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OMQG Bonnie Bucket Bag Sew Along….Finish Line

Bonnie Bucket Bag
Bonnie Bucket Bag


This will be the last part of the OMQG Sew Along for the Bonnie Bucket Bag.  Don’t forget to tag your photos as you make progress with your Bonnie Bucket Bag.  Use #oahmqg  #omqgBonnieBucket  and   #omqgsewalong and tag the guild with @oahumqg!!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s Sew Along progress!!  We should be seeing some finished bags soon.   Don’t forget to bring your bag to the March meeting!!!

The first part of assembling the lining is sewing the zipper.  Sandwich your 15 inch zipper between the Top & Bottom Lining Main Panels with the zipper facing the Top Lining Main Panel.  Stitch close to the zipper.  Using a zipper foot makes this easier and allows you to get close to the zipper with a straight seam.

zipper between lining layers

Repeat for the other side of zipper.  You should have something that looks like this….

lining with zipper between layers

Open your zipper half way and pin the right sides of the lining together.  Stitch the sides leaving the bottom open.  Also be sure to leave an opening below the zipper on one side of the lining that will be used for turning your bag later.   I forgot to leave this open and had to get the seam ripper out to create the opening.  Not fun!

You will stitch through the zipper ends when you stitch the lining sides.  Backstitch over the zipper to secure the seam.  Trim the zipper ends if they extend beyond the seam allowance.

Mark the centers of your Bottom Lining by folding in half each way and making a small mark within the seam allowance area.  Mark the centers at the bottom of your Main Lining by matching the side seams, folding the Main Lining Panels and marking within the seam allowance area at the fold.

bottom centers
center marking on bottom

Match the marks from your Main Lining to the marks on the Bottom Lining first when pinning or clipping.   Then pin or clip securely the entire circle around the Bottom Lining.

bottom lining
pin bottom to main lining

Stitch this seam as you did the Exterior Bottom Panel of the bag earlier by first basting at ¼ inch and then again at ½ inch to create a smooth seam. There is no need to use a zipper foot for this seam since the bulk from the heavy stabilizer isn’t in the lining.

Follow the directions in part 8 of pattern to finish your bag.  The exterior of the bag will be inside the lining.  The right sides of the lining and exterior will be together.  Match the side seams and raw edges of the top of the lining and the top of the exterior.  Pin or clip in place and stitch.

top edges
stitching top edges of bag together

Pull the Bottom Exterior of the bag through the opening in the lining first as this will make it easier to turn the entire bag.

turning the bag

After your bag is turned, press the top rim of the bag and use lots of pins or clips to help with topstitching.  Pressing with the iron can help flatten this edge for easier topstitching.

top edge
using many pins or clips to secure for topstitching

Again, I increased my stitch length to 3mm for the topstitching.

topstitched edge
topstitched edge

Stitch your handle ends to the rings or loops on your bag.  Be sure to backstitch to secure the handles to the loops.  Stitch first at the edge of the fold and then stitch again close to the ring or loop to help prevent shifting.


Whipstitch the opening in the lining closed….and you have a finished Bonnie Bucket Bag!

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Bonnie Bucket Bag finished

There are many other patterns with great instructions available at Swoon Sewing Patterns.  Please visit the site for some great patterns as well as hardware supplies for many of the bags.

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